Fel-ital Electronics

FM AM TV Transmitter Manufacturer, Supplier and Station Builder (SIELCO SRL Transmitters ITALY DISTRIBUTOR)

Our Team

 Our team is the most experienced in the field of broadcasting.  Certified by the National Telecommunication Commission. Licensed in all government agencies and qualified to bid to as high as a 50,000,000 PhP contract. Complete with all license from local to national requirements.  

Fel-ital Electronics is registered to Felicidad P. Mendoza

President and General Manager Engr. Edgardo Tan Mendoza

Operation Engineer Engr. Rudy Martinez

Production Engineer Engr. Ricky Siwagan

Production Manager/sales/marketing Ditdit Lazo

Consultants Engr. Romeo Besana 


 We are a company with 25 employees (shared) all active and willing to travel anywhere in the Philippines.