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Procedures on building a Radio Station 

What should I first do to build a commercial FM or AM Radio station in the PHILIPPINES?

Answer: Go to Congress ask for a franchise ... Or talk to us 

We can provide all your needs IF and only IF the location is  feasible. Talk to us...

Things to prepare for. Send us this info.

1. Complete Name and Email add.. 

2. Complete Address (where the station will be located).

3. What kind of power (in watts or KW) do you require. 

4. Your budget ( give us an estimated budget).

5.  Then set a meeting with us online or by visitation in Metro Manila.

6. Email all information to   ditditlazo@yahoo.com 

7. Or proceed to Contact us and fill in the required fields


Items needed.

Community Radio  Commercial Type 

1 Karaoke 2 pcs. CD Broadcast Player

1 Mixer 2 pcs. Broadcast Computer 

1 Mic 2 pcs. of mic and Audio Mixer

1 Transmitter 4 pcs. Microphone and headphones

1 Tower Well it all depends on how good you like to look, I                                                                        can keep on going

1 Antenna  





JMPC-HDJMPC HD Side Mount FM Antenna The JAMPRO JMPC-HD antenna is the medium power version of the PENETRATOR antenna, which has become an industry standard for quality and performance. This model has been designed for HD Radio broadcast. Rated at 10 kW maximum input, each bay consists of a PENETRATOR style radiating element with a 1-5/8" shunt feed line. Each JMPC is factory tuned to any frequency in the FM Band II (87.5 -108 MHz) rang on a tower structure that bests simulates the customer’s actual tower. Multiple frequency design is also available. The true circular polarization of the JMPC antenna offers excellent performance for HD Radio, stereo and SCA operation. VSWR: 1.2:1 ± 200 kHz. optional 1.10:1.Options available:RadomesDeicersFCC Directionalization AvailableReduced RF ArraysPattern Measurement StudyCustom Directional Patterns AvailableBeam Tilt and Null Fill AvailableMultiple Frequencies