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FM AM TV Transmitter Manufacturer, Supplier and Station Builder (SIELCO SRL Transmitters ITALY DISTRIBUTOR)

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 If you need an AM or FM transmitter only, give us a call(contact us) Text Or call 63- 9390227129 Edgar Mendoza or

 63-9490889922  Francis Cuenca Sales.

Please leave all details needed to get back to you via text thanks... 

If you need AM or FM transmitter and help with a franchise Click the LINK Radio Station

 If you need a TV transmitter and Franchise  Click TV station


 Yes.... It is more cheaper to buy it thru the internet. But do the computation as well.

1st  You need an import permit from NTC Philippines

2nd  Add 40% to the cost Customs and duties..

3rd . The landed cost will be a little more expensive.

4th  If your transmitter has a defect you'll need to send it back, cost again. and if it's broken, it will take you months before it gets back.

5th  Imported sale reps speak english very well while selling. But on repairs they have a hard time on speaking english. 

Been there and done that!!!

That is the reason we built this company.

Please take this humble note:  "Fel-ital is proud of our AFTER SALES SERVICE"

 1 year warranty on Factory defect Parts and service,  and lifetime support.

All parts of our transmitter is imported as well. but locally assemble. Hope that's clear.


 Listen to our online radio.... Thanks


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