Fel-ital Electronics

FM AM TV Transmitter Manufacturer, Supplier and Station Builder (SIELCO SRL Transmitters ITALY DISTRIBUTOR)

About Us

Fel-ital Electronics is owned and maintained by its President/Gen. Manager Edgardo Tan Mendoza.

The company was established in 1989 to bring Television and Radio Broadcast nearer to the community.

We supply high quality Radio and Television of VHF and UHF transmitters, STLs, microwaves, broadcast amplifiers and towers. We also import broadcast equipment needed for news gathering, editing and a lot more.

Furthermore, we are a company that specializes and trains in broadcast equipment handling throughout the country, from NGOs, local municipalities,private and state colleges and local businesses. In addition to this, the accomplishments made by the company is  non-comparable to the other broadcast entities.


We have built close to a hundred stations up to this date and



We have made the broadcast industry "a little bit smaller in a larger way".

Vision is to build AM, FM and T.V. Stations across the country

to make affordable equipment for all….